Customized Light Concept

A concept that summarizes the complete path providing the foundation for each real product...a concept that summarizes our workway.

Puralux means designing customised lighting solutions for Hospitality and Retail. The target of the Puralux team is to serve with ability, timeliness and practicality all designers who need to develop interior lighting solutions, such as:

- Architects
- Interior designers
- Interior decorators
- Turnkey production companies for Retail and Hospitality
Puralux is a brand of the company Gabrovski Ltd.

Gabrovski Ltd. is an established and well known company with nearly 20 years history of selling a full range of products and services in the eld of lighting solutions. Today we look to you, our valued clients, because of your style and knowledge of global lighting trends.

In the light of your high expectations, we offer you our collection of original designer lighting. The range of shades we offer is unique and made by dedicated artists
who created them with customers’ speci c lighting needs in mind.
Our boutique lighting range is exclusive thanks to the elegant and unique designs. The greatest advantage is that you can customize your order and have them produced in different versions. Sizes, colour, artistic elements, materials - all can be customized to meet the requirements of your interior.

The one thing that always remains the same for Gabrovski is the high quality of our work - something that my team and I will never compromise on.
The purpose of the boutique range is to begin a creative dialogue with you, our special customers. Together we can create art, with the light that lls your home with style and comfort.
Become our partners and co-creators!